Port Bazaar

Aether | Siren | Goblet | W-25 | P-27
Bi-Thursdays: 7:00-11:00 PM (EST)


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    About Us

    Nestled within the heart of the Goblet's bustling commercial culture, lies a bazaar unlike any other. From the moment you cross the docks and step through the golden doors, you'll be transported to an oasis that will leave you breathless.Here at Port Bazaar, merchants from across Eorzea station themselves here to ply their wares at their colorful stalls, each filled with their own unique treasures and delights. The sounds of haggling and bargaining fill the air, as merchants and customers alike shout and gesticulate, trying to strike the best deals they can.No matter where your journey through the bazaar takes you, you're sure to find wonders and treasures beyond your wildest dreams. So why wait? Come explore Port Bazaar, and discover the huzzah and beauty of this magical oasis.


    Welcome to our vibrant, LGBTQIA+ run co-op bazaar, where respect is the name of the game! Our code of conduct is simple but firm: treat all vendors and guests with the utmost respect, and leave any slurs, hate speech, or degrading language at the door.We pride ourselves on offering a warm, welcoming atmosphere where everyone can feel safe and supported. And while we know that everyone has their own preferences and opinions, we ask that you respect the terms set by our vendors - after all, they work hard to bring you the best products and experiences as possible!If you do happen to encounter any issues or concerns during your time with us, we ask that you approach our staff with an open mind and a willingness to work things out.This is a place of positivity, not negativity!Above all, we want our bazaar to be a place of relaxation and enjoyment, not stress and strife. So take it easy and enjoy some lighthearted RP with your fellow attendees. Whether you're here to stock up on supplies or simply soak in the ambiance, we're thrilled to have you as our guest!


    Alexios Devereaux

    Using the fortune he had earned from his tarot readings and the support of newfound friends, he claimed the property and founded "Port Bazaar" - an expansive marketplace that could serve as a convergence of trade, culture, and celestial wisdom. In defiance of his aristocratic upbringing, but in line with his more refined tastes, he designed Port Bazaar to be both sophisticated and inclusive—a place that could elevate the mundane to the magical.His elegant demeanor can often make people underestimate him as they quickly realize their mistake. As Port Bazaar opens its doors, Alexios holds his Divining Deck close, aware that he's playing a high-stakes game not just with commerce, but with destiny itself.

    From the Steppe but raised in Ul'dah, Hikaru took up weaving much later in his life. Though once an adventurer, he found solace in the art of weaving and joy in creating clothing for himself and his friends,. He's since ventured into other trades to create all that he can for others he crosses paths with.

    A detail-oriented craftsperson with their own unique design philosophy. Ever in search of harmonious beauty, they come to the Bazaar bearing coordinated outfits suiting all kinds of adventurers!

    Nahla grew up in the small town of Forgotten Springs with dreams of the big city. She moved to Ul'dah when she came of age, where she fell in with the Alacran crime ring and first worked as a dancer. Her crafting skills were recognized and soon she became one of their top counterfeiters. When the Alacran crime ring was scattered, she was taken in by the renowned Troupe Falsiam, learning the ways of Kriegstanz.Yearning to express her craftsmanship in a more creative and beneficial manner, she left the troupe and opened a business selling fine wares made from rare and exotic materials she sought from places all across Eorzea. Her training prepared her well for a line of work that would often land her in dangerous and unfamiliar territory.Now mostly settled in Thavnair, this friendly and often overly enthusiastic miqo has signed up for the Port Bazaar, hoping to educate customers on the finer points of woodworking, engage with her collective peers, and maybe even keep the funding going for her never-ending adventures.

    Ruckus Fiddlesticks

    Raised in East Thanalan, Ruckus has returned to his humble roots of running food stalls for hungry travellers after a few years adventuring across the star.A 'cultural preservationist' of his hometown trading hamlet's golden bygone days, he's reviving the local caravanserai specialties of the Old Allagan Sunway route that were popular in his youth.
    He runs a distillery for small-batch spirts made from nopales cactus & millioncorn under the Lichyard Libations™ label, and shares Dunesfolk hospitality traditions of coffee and tea cup divinations.Sometimes, he may have select goblin cheeses to peddle on the side.

    Temenha Tanria

    Born into a large family out in the Peaks, Temenha and her twin sister Jemehra run a traveling tea tent along the roads of Gyr Abania. Temenha's tea stall at the bazaar is a new venture in Thanalan, where she hopes to bring a taste of home to this side of the Wall and branch out her merchant connections.